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TeleHealth Solution:
Our Mission

TeleHealth Solution is a patient and outcomes centered approach to TeleMedicine. Our mission is to deliver expert medical care in the acute care and post acute care setting, while eliminating unnecessary spending of healthcare dollars. TeleHealth Solution will improve the quality of on-site care in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Assisted Living Facilities (ALF),and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). We virtually evaluate and treat patients who are acutely ill, keeping them comfortable in your facility while reducing transfers and lowering readmission rates and penalties. We will improve access to board certified physicians in Rural Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) and keep revenue in your hospital while keeping patients local. TeleHealth Solution provides both the Turnkey TeleMedicine Technology and Hospitalists support with NO up-front equipment cost, bringing the future of healthcare to you.

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88% Avoided Readmission In August 2018


[Based on data obtained company wide when our telemedicine physicians are on call(Evening & Weekend Hours]

IDM100 Dictum Health Unit Click to explore more information.
IDM100 Dictum Health Unit Click to explore more information.

TeleMedicine For:
Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our Hospitalists provide TeleMedicine Technology during evening and weekend hours to reduce readmissions (return to hospital visits) and emergency room visits. Every skilled nursing facility is different, which is why we create custom TeleMedicine Technology solutions based on your facility’s specific needs. Our TeleHealth physicians can manage almost any medical condition right at your facility which reduces patient stress, reduces staff burden, increase star rating, and keeps patients and revenue in your skilled nursing facility (SNF). In the case that a patient does require transfer to an ED, our TeleHealth physicians are able to communicate directly with ER physicians to ensure total coverage. Lead the industry by offering 24/7 TeleHealth physician care to your patients and offer their families the comfort of knowing their loved ones are getting the care they deserve.

TeleHealth For SNF
IDM100 Dictum Health Unit Click to explore more information.

TeleMedicine For:
Life Plan Communities

Our TeleHealth physicians are available via TeleMedicine Technology to your residents 24/7 for any urgent or emergency medical needs. Our goal is to keep residents in house, and treat them in place in their familiar environment to reduce transfers to outside hospitals. With our TeleMedicine Technology, you will gain resident trust and they will feel confident in choosing your facility as their Life Plan Community. Custom coverage will ensure that our TeleMedicine services are giving your Life Plan Community patients the best care possible when needed. Preventing emergency room visits will reduce resident and family stress, reduce unnecessary medical spending for residents, and give your Life Plan Community a marketing edge over competitors, all while our unique payment model will generate revenue in your Life Plan Community.

TeleHealth For ALF & CCRC
IDM100 Dictum Health Unit Click to explore more information.

TeleMedicine For:
Critical Access Hospitals

Rural hospitals typically have over-burdened physicians, who have to work in clinics, rounds at the hospital, and manage nursing home patients all in the same day. Rural hospitals often cannot afford full time staff in-house to manage patients, resulting in transfers to outside hospitals because Hospitalist physicians are not present. TeleMedicine Technology helps eliminates any burdens as we can provide nocturnal, daytime, or anytime Hospitalist coverage. We have a proven track record of patient and staff satisfaction, while managing patients in your critical access rural hospital with TeleMedicine. Our on-call TeleHealth physicians can evaluate and treat any patient and prevent transfers to outside hospitals which keep patients local and revenue in your critical access rural hospital.

TeleHealth For CAH
telemedicine technology

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