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The National Rural Health Association warns, “More than 70 rural hospitals have closed and counting. Right now, 673 additional facilities are vulnerable and could close – this represents over 1/3 of rural hospitals in the U.S.” TeleHealth Solution can help critical access hospitals by keeping the treatment of the patient—and the revenue generated by that patient—local. At the same time, we protect the rural community’s doctor from becoming overwhelmed and burnt out. TeleHealth Solution benefits everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Critical Access Hospitals

Your community faces many kinds of burdens when rural doctors are scarce. Your critical access hospital can be part of the solution with TeleHealth Solution. Read on to discover how our TeleMedicine Technology carts and virtual Hospitalists can alleviate the burdens experienced by your doctors, patients, nursing staff, and even your own critical access hospital.

Why should our critical access hospital implement TeleMedicine using TeleHealth Solution?

As healthcare in rural areas continues to evolve, and critical access hospitals are facing threats of closing their doors, TeleMedicine is playing a key role in improving access to care. More and more critical access hospitals are shutting down due to financial reasons and TeleMedicine Technology can solve that problem. TeleHealth Solution’s virtual Hospitalists can drive volume, improve quality of care, and reduce costs by reducing transfers to outside hospitals. All of this can be done at a fraction of the cost of an in-house Hospitalists. Many rural hospitals do not have nocturnal physicians in-house which leads to no nocturnal admissions or increased transfers to outside hospitals when a patient is experiencing acute changes and requires a higher level of care.

How does TeleMedicine improve revenue?

Our virtual Hospitalists can provide the same level of care as an in-house physician at a fraction of the cost. We can provide nocturnal coverage to provide medical care for rural hospitals. We can also provide mid-level supervision or cross coverage while saving your critical access hospital money. With our services, you will be able to keep revenue in-house as we decrease transfers to outside hospitals and have the ability to admit more medically complex patients.

What kind of TeleMedicine Technology do you use?

TeleHealth Solution uses the most up-to-date TeleMedicine Technology. Our carts are equipped with the tools our virtual Hospitalists need to properly evaluate and treat a patient. Our TeleMedicine cart includes a high definition camera, 12-lead EKG, a virtual stethoscope, a tympanic thermometer, and a pulse oximeter. All of our equipment is provided to you at no cost. All you need to provide is basic Wi-Fi and a telephone line.

How does TeleHealth Solution work in our facility?

If a patient is admitted in to the Emergency Room, our virtual Hospitalists will communicate directly with your ER doctors. Our virtual Hospitalist will discuss the patient’s medical status over the phone and will perform a virtual medical evaluation and will take over care for that patient during their on-call shift.

If a patient is already present in your critical access hospital and experiences an acute medical change, our physicians are on call and available to provide treatment in real time. With our equipment and your nursing staff, we can evaluate the patient, order additional labs and tests, and form a treatment plan. Our same nocturnal physicians will be available the remainder of the shift until the patient is handed off to your daytime in-house physician or one of our daytime virtual physicians and will communicate the plan of care. Please see our step-by-step interaction here for more information.

What kinds of clinical issues can TeleHealth Solution treat virtually?

Our virtual Hospitalists are capable of managing acutely ill patients with complex medical histories just like your in-house rural doctors. We can order additional labs, tests, and medication as needed. With the use of diagnostic tools, we are able to diagnose a patient and form an appropriate plan of care without transferring them to another hospital. We can manage a multitude of scenarios depending on the rural hospitals capabilities.

What other services does TeleHealth Solution provide?

TeleHealth Solution is compromised of hospitalist physicians with support from cardiologists, pulmonologist, psychologists, neurologists, and more. Using our telemedicine platform, we can bring our specialists to your hospital, or if you prefer, your own in-network specialists can use the technology to care for your patients. These physicians can remotely diagnose, as well as treat CAH patients quicker and more cost effectively.

How often can our nurses call TeleHealth Solution?

Your nursing staff can call TeleHealth Solution’s virtual Hospitalists as many times as needed during our on-call shifts. If a patient is in distress and requires care, we are available. We do not limit the number of calls per shift or per patient, and can be accessed as long as it takes to provide top-notch medical care to your patients.

How does TeleHealth Solution relieve the burden from our existing rural doctors?

Rural doctors are typically overburdened, as they are scarce, but very valuable to your community. Rural doctors are often found in clinics, area nursing homes, and critical access hospitals all in the same day and we want to relieve them of that burden. We can provide nocturnal solutions or daytime solutions for your critical access hospital so your clinical rural doctors can focus on the outpatient setting. We also know how difficult it is to hire new doctors if they know they will be over burdened with call. Allow TeleHealth Solution to provide nocturnal coverage or daytime call, cross coverage, or mid-level supervision so your in-house physicians do not have to.

How do attending physicians and nurses like working with TeleHealth Solution?

Our doctors are relieving the burden of diagnosing and treating patients over the phone during off hours when your rural doctors cannot be onsite. This improves your attending physician’s quality of life and improves access to care for your patients, resulting in healthier and happier patients and doctors.

Nurses also love having TeleHealth Solution virtual Hospitalists on call. We fully train your nursing staff and teach them how to use our TeleMedicine Technology to help provide the best medical care for your patients. The nursing staff is more confident and more comfortable working when they know they have a skilled virtual Hospitalists just a phone call away.

How does TeleHealth Solution interact with a patient and their family?

Patients and their families are typically thrilled to find out that their area critical access hospital offers access to TeleHealth Solution’s physicians. They find comfort knowing they can be evaluated and treated, with nocturnal coverage and cross coverage included, in a nearby hospital without having to be transferred to a hospital further away from home. Our physicians can communicate with the patient and their family, and discuss the plan of care. Our physicians can also have end-of-life conversations with patient’s families if desired.

What happens if a patient suffers a code while TeleHealth Solution is on call at our rural hospital?

Having our skilled TeleHospitalists is just as effective as having an in-house provider. We can run code blues virtually, as we work through your nursing staff and our TeleMedicine Technology equipment. 

How is TeleMedicine service going to save my Critical Access Hospital money?

TeleHealth Solution will provide your critical access hospital with skilled virtual Hospitalists at a fraction of the cost of an in-house physician. We have the ability to provide the same level of care, will lower your transfer rate to outside facilities, and have the ability to admit patients during all hours, including nocturnal coverage and cross coverage, which will grow your census. All of these combined will keep revenue in your rural hospitals.

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How Does Our TeleMedicine Hospitalist Solution Work?

  • Admissions Can Happen 24/7
  • Improved ED Throughput Times
  • Length of Stay Decreases
  • Improves Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Cost Savings, No Up-Front Pricing Model

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24/7 Coverage

If your hospital requires more than just nocturnal coverage, our TeleHospitalists can be accessible to your patients and staff 24/7/365.

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Nocturnal Coverage

Nocturnal coverage can be a hurdle for any hospital and TeleHealth Solution meets the challenges of your critical access hospital whatever they might be.

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Staffing Solutions

Rural Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals work remotely with TeleHospitalists to a support system for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinical staff.

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Midlevel Supervision

An answer to your staffing challenges can provide direct supervision of your in-house Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.

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Code Blue/Rapid Response

TeleMedicine Technology allows us to alleviate the burden of overwhelmed physicians with cross coverage calls.

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Rural Health Care TeleMedicine

TeleMedicine: A Welcomed Addition in Rural Hospitals Nationwide.

By cross examining Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) and Medically Underserved Areas and Populations (MUA/Ps) you can understand where TeleMedicine and TeleHospitalists are providing care thats changing lives.

HSPA and MUA/PS Interactive Maps and Details

Critical Access Hospital Burdens & How TeleMedicine With TeleHealth Solution Helps.

Burden vs. Solution
Critical Access TeleMedicine

Our TeleMedicine Technology

Our TeleMedicine Device is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country.  Examine and consult with patients in the clinical setting or remotely with the FDA Approved IDM100. No other device on the market compares to its technologic advancements

  • The cyber-secure IDM100 captures, stores, and manages cardiopulmonary and vital signs data.
  • 3- & 12-lead ECG
  • Electronic stethoscope
  • Suntech™ NIBP with MAP and pulse rate
  • Covidien Genius 2™ Tympanic Thermometer
  • NellCor Oximax™ SpO2 with respiratory rate
  • Hearing test with interpreted audiogram
  • 2 internal HD cameras for medical images and video
  • Patient management using Care Central (patient data software with alerts, trending, EMR sync, and Virtual Exam Room)
  • Spirometry with interpretation for lung evaluation
Our Technology
Our TeleMedicine Technology is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country

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