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“The TeleHealth physicians offer a seamless transition for our resident’s care needs.  The staff finds comfort in knowing that if needed a physician is available within minutes.  With TeleHealth Solution, we are able to implement interventions within the facility and have fewer transfers.”

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Creating Custom Solutions for your Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

TeleHealth Solution is a Turnkey TeleMedicine service that will lower readmission rates (RTH), decrease emergency room visits, and improve your FIVE STAR RATINGS. We provide the TeleMedicine Technology, a customized staffing solution, free training, and free 24/7 IT support to fit your needs—all included in our low monthly fee. All you need is basic Wi-Fi and a telephone line. We can create a custom solution to provide services during nocturnal hours, weekend hours, or whenever your skilled nursing facility (SNF) needs our TeleHospitalist coverage. 

“We’re not here to replace your medical director. Our goal is to help your medical director by keeping patients within your facility when they are not there. Discussing a treatment modality with your medical director results in unsurpassed continuity of care.”
Waseem Ghannam, MD, co-founder of TeleHealth Solution.

Our experienced hospitalists understand the distinction between management that requires inpatient hospitalization and what can be treated in your skilled nursing facility (SNF).
When you create your custom solution with TeleHealth Solution, your monthly retainer fee can include any or all of the following services, and will be priced accordingly.

Dr. Waseem Ghannam MD MBA MHSA TeleHealth Solution TeleMedicine

“Having a Hospitalist on call for your facility makes all the difference. You work hard to admit patients to your facility and our TeleHospitalist will work hard keeping them there. Hospitalists are acute care management experts and we know what can be treated in your facility.”

Waseem Ghannam, MD,
co-founder of TeleHealth Solution
and one of our TeleHospitalists.

Lower Readmission Rates (RTH): Data from 2017 revealed that all of our clients saw lower readmission rates or RTH, averaging less than 10 percent when using our TeleMedicine service. Working with their medical director and director of nursing, covering the times when their on-the-clock hours ended. TeleHealth Solution is capable of monitoring and managing patients throughout the night hours and weekends, giving families the comfort of knowing their loved ones are being treated without leaving their skilled nursing facility (SNF).

How Does Our TeleMedicine Hospitalist Solution Work?

How Does Our TeleMedicine Hospitalist Solution Work?

  • Medical staff that they no longer have to be burdened with routine floor calls 365 nights a year.
  • Nocturnal, weekend, and emergency coverage when bedside coverage is not available.
  • TeleHospitalists will work closely with your skilled nursing facility (SNF) staff to deliver quality healthcare in real time.
  • We know you worked hard to get your patients to your skilled nursing facility (SNF) and we will work tirelessly to keep them there, resulting in lower readmission rates (RTH).

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Reduce Readmissions

Readmissions are costly, put patients at risk for complications, and 80% of them are preventable.


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Post Acute Care

In the event a patient requires transfer to the ED, our TeleHospitalist will provide direct communication to the ER physician.

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Marketing Advantages

A Marketing Edge & Advantage! The peace of mind brought to families and patients by 24/7 physician access is priceless.

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End-of-Life Care

The hardest conversation to have with a patient or their family at Skilled Nursing Facilities are about end-of-life care.

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EMR Integration

TeleHospitalists can instantly review labs, enter orders, document, and managing the patient by accessing your EMR

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Our TeleMedicine Technology

Our TeleMedicine technology device is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country.  Examine and consult with patients in the clinical setting or remotely with the FDA Approved IDM100. No other TeleMedicine technology device on the market compares to its advancements

Our Technology

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