“Having a Hospitalist on call for your facility makes all the difference. You work hard to admit patients to your facility and our TeleHospitalists will work hard keeping them there. Hospitalists are acute care management experts and we know what can be treated in your facility.”

Dr. Waseem Ghannam MD MBA MHSA TeleHealth Solution TeleMedicine
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Our TurnKey TeleMedicine Solution

Imagine telling your in-house medical staff that they no longer have to be burdened with routine floor calls 365 nights a year. TeleHealth Solution provides weekend, emergency, and nocturnal coverage when bedside coverage is not available. Our highly skilled TeleHospitalists will work closely with your skilled nursing facility (SNF) staff to deliver quality healthcare in real time via our high-tech Turnkey TeleMedicine Solution carts. We know you worked hard to get your patients to your skilled nursing facility (SNF) and we will work tirelessly to keep them there. Our goal is to avoid costly trips to the Emergency Room during nocturnal and weekend hours when your providers are not in-house. If your post acute care patient does require an Emergency Room trip, we will continue communication with the ER physician and will coordinate care with them in hopes of transitioning care back to your skilled nursing facility (SNF), resulting in lower readmission rates (RTH). TeleHealth Solution provides continuity of care for residence. Your nurses will speak to the same TeleHospitalist through the night until your in-house medical providers are present. Our Turnkey TeleMedicine Solution comes with no equipment costs, a low monthly retainer fee and a low per incident charge.

A New Standard In Post Acute Care

If after initial evaluation and management the post acute care patient requires transfer to the Emergency Room, our care does not stop thanks to our Turnkey TeleMedicine Solution. Our TeleHospitalists will provide direct communication to the Emergency Room physician and if appropriate, a plan of care will be discussed to expedite the patient’s transfer back to the skilled nursing facility (SNF), preventing any further trips to the hospital and resulting in lower readmission rates (RTH). We also ensure adequate follow-up care by placing a dictated report in the patient’s chart so the day provider has a summary of events.

Lower Readmission Rates (RTH)

Readmissions are costly, put post acute care patients at risk for complications, and are largely preventable. Our TeleHospitalists understand the distinction between management that requires inpatient hospitalization and what can be treated in your skilled nursing facility (SNF). Having lower readmission rates (RTH) can result in your skilled nursing facility (SNF) saving a substantial amount of money.

Why does TeleHealth Solution Provide Hospitalist coverage in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)?

A bedside hospitalist knows the difference between which post acute care patients need to be admitted and managed in a hospital versus which patients can remain comfortably at your skilled nursing facility (SNF) and receive post acute care. With our Turnkey TeleMedicine Solution, we are able to help lower readmission rates (RTH) at your skilled nursing facility (SNF) considerably.

This is why TeleHospitalists are the most appropriate physicians to be on call for your patient’s needs.

Calculate what readmissions are costing you.

Avoid PAMA Penalties by Lower Readmission Rates

Enjoy the substantial cost savings from lower readmission rates (Protecting Access to Medicare Act). Just think: your skilled nursing facility (SNF) could manage high acuity/complex patient care and help curb ER visits/lower readmission rates (RTH) while patients remain happily in their familiar environment.

Find Out How PAMA is alleviated with TeleMedicine

Marketing an Edge Over Your Competitors

Our Turnkey TeleMedicine Solution can provide you with an edge over your competitors. The peace of mind brought to families and patients by 24/7 physician access is priceless.

Studies have shown that managing the patient in their familiar surroundings leads to greater patient and family satisfaction. We provide you with marketing materials to educate your prospective patients and families on the benefits of TeleMedicine Access.

Your skilled nursing facility (SNF) will be among the most technologically advanced in your area. Capitalize on your forward thinking and use our Turnkey TeleMedicine Solution as a way to set your skilled nursing facility (SNF) apart from the competition.

EMR Integration

HIPAA compliant Turnkey TeleMedicine Technology allows our TeleHospitalists to review labs, enter orders, provide documentation, and continue managing the patient by accessing your EMR.

Your skilled nursing facility (SNF) staff will be trained on the equipment and software installation, which is provided at zero up-front cost.

Top-Quality Care

Our experienced, board-certified TeleHospitalists will always provide outstanding, compassionate healthcare to your post acute care patients. Keeping patients in their beds at your facility, resulting in lower readmission rates (RTH) is our priority! Our company is physician owned and run, so the Hospitalists have a vested interest in meeting your every need!

End-of-Life Care Conversations

The hardest conversation to have with a patient or their family is about end-of-life care. If appropriate and requested, our compassionate TeleHospitalists can remove that burden from your staff and provide an immediate, gentle, face-to-face discussion. That means no more agonizing wait until the doctor arrives.

Protocol Management

Like your in-house physician, our TeleHospitalists can provide organizational protocols for:

  • COPD
  • CHF
  • PNA
  • Chest Pain
  • Fever

Nocturnal Coverage

Nocturnal coverage can be a hurdle for any hospital and TeleHealth Solution meets the challenges of your hospital whatever they might be. Your post acute care patients will receive real-time diagnoses and treatment at night from expert TeleNocturnists. Our on-call virtual Hospitalist will manage your patients throughout their shift until they are handed off to one of your daytime in-house doctors or our daytime TeleHospitalists. Our nocturnal coverage will lower readmission rates (RTH) to larger hospitals and in turn increase your hospital’s census. Our nocturnal coverage also helps reduce your physician burnout and attrition by handling everything from floor call, to admissions, to running code blues and more at night or during day shifts.

PAMA: Protecting Access To Medicare Act

Next Upcoming Change is October 1st, 2018: Medicare reimbursement rates for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) will be based partially on their performance scores beginning on October 1, 2018

PAMA and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Calculate Your Cost Savings With TeleHealth Solution.

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Our TeleMedicine Technology

Our TeleMedicine Device is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country.  Examine and consult with patients in the clinical setting or remotely with the FDA Approved IDM100. No other device on the market compares to its technologic advancements

  • The cyber-secure IDM100 captures, stores, and manages cardiopulmonary and vital signs data.
  • 3- & 12-lead ECG
  • Electronic stethoscope
  • Suntech™ NIBP with MAP and pulse rate
  • Covidien Genius 2™ Tympanic Thermometer
  • NellCor Oximax™ SpO2 with respiratory rate
  • Hearing test with interpreted audiogram
  • 2 internal HD cameras for medical images and video
  • Patient management using Care Central (patient data software with alerts, trending, EMR sync, and Virtual Exam Room)
  • Spirometry with interpretation for lung evaluation
Our Technology
Our TeleMedicine Technology is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country

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