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“Telehealth Solution has been a godsend for a small rural hospital with limited resources.  Our patients and our staff have been overwhelmingly supportive of telemedicine and we truly feel that we are providing a more comprehensive service to our community.”

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Telemedicine Meeting the Evolving Needs Of LTACH Patients.

Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) are acute care hospitals that serve patients with complex needs requiring longer hospital stays and highly specialized care. LTACHs are designed for patients who need intense care for an average of greater than 25 days. The number of LTACHs has continued to increase over the last two decades as a response to the growing patient population and have reached over 450 long-term acute care hospitals nationwide.

A typical LTACH patient requires one or more of the following

  • Dialysis for chronic renal failure
  • Ventilator weaning or prolonged use
  • Intense respiratory care
  • Complex wound care
  • Prolonged medical care with IV medications or transfusions

LTACHs across the United States are operated as a mix of non-profit and for-profit hospitals and all focus on quality, outcomes, and patient care and satisfaction. With new technology and innovative health-care delivery methods via telemedicine, we will provide patient-centric care and services to your LTACH at a fraction of the cost of an in-house physician.

LTACH TeleMedicine FAQ

How Does Our TeleMedicine Solution Work With Long Term Acute Care?

Decrease Nocturnal Transfers to ER

Improve Access to Multi-Specialty Care

Lower Operating Costs

Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

Here is what TeleHealth Solution can provide in your LTACH:

Nocturnal Coverage

LTACH patients are evaluated and managed during the day by Hospitalist physicians and other members of a multi-specialty team depending on their needs. These patients are often left without on-site coverage at night due to cost. This results in unnecessary and costly transfers to the Emergency Room when there is a change in the patients medical status that requires immediate physician evaluation and management. Our solution provides the benefits of hospitalist coverage at a fraction of the cost, allowing patients to remain at your LTACH when your physicians are not there. TeleHealth physicians can run rapid responses, code blues, and have face to face discussions regarding end of life care. Managing patients in house improves revenue, patient satisfaction, patient outcomes, and nursing staff confidence.

Day Coverage With Advance Practice Clinician (APC) Supervision

TeleHealth hospitalist physicians can round with your in-house Advance Practice Clinicians (APC) and provide supervision. Our physicians will perform a virtual evaluation and use diagnostic tools that are  accompanied with our technology. We can also order additional tests and diagnostics. Having an Advance Practice Clinician onsite instead of a physicians saves your LTACH money while giving them leadership from board certified physicians at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-Specialty Care

TeleHealth Solution is compromised of hospitalist physicians with support from cardiologists, pulmonologist, psychologists, neurologists, and more. Using our telemedicine platform, we can bring our specialists to your hospital, or if you prefer, your own in-network specialists can use the technology to care for your patients. These physicians can remotely diagnose, as well as treat LTACH patients quicker and more cost effectively.

Cross Coverage

TeleHealth Solution can also provide cross-coverage at your long term acute care hospital. This can be answering a phone call or a real time face to face video examination if necessary. Using TeleMedicine technology we can provide immediate access to physicians without burdening your in-house providers, all while saving your hospital money by optimizing staffing and reducing unnecessary transfers

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