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TeleHealth Solution

“Telehealth Solution has been a godsend for a small rural hospital with limited resources.  Our patients and our staff have been overwhelmingly supportive of telemedicine and we truly feel that we are providing a more comprehensive service to our community.”

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How TeleHealth Solution Meets The Needs For Critical Access Hospitals

TeleHealth Solution helps keep revenue local with a higher rate of admissions and improved census with a decrease in transfers, and will positively impact rural health care availability in your area. TeleMedicine Technology services help equalize health care disparities and improves access to Rural Health Care TeleMedicine in rural areas by keeping vulnerable hospitals open.

TeleHealth Solution’s physician owners are rural health care experts, therefore understand that critical access hospitals face unique challenges, and deserve a unique Rural Health Care TeleMedicine solution to thrive. This turnkey service specializes in providing customized critical access TeleMedicine technology, Telemedicine technology carts, and staff training so that rural hospitals can access a virtual TeleHealth Solution Hospitalist whenever needed. If a critical access hospitals can keep nocturnal emergency patients in-house rather than transferring them, the community, patients, local doctors, finances of rural hospitals, and area reputation all benefit—at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hospitalist.

There’s no up-front cost, and it works with just a telephone line and basic Wi-Fi. TeleHealth Solution can save your community their valued local doctors from burnout by handling nocturnal shifts. Our on-call hospitalists can be accessed during the day, for nocturnal coverage, 24/7, or in customized time frames, even for Code Blues/Rapid Response. With the push of a button on the user-friendly TeleMedicine Technology cart, a skilled TeleHospitalist appears on-screen to instruct nurses—in real-time—through each step of a patient’s evaluation and care. The virtual physician can remotely view the patient’s medical history and charts, order treatment modalities face-to-face, attend multi-disciplinary rounds, or discharge your patients. Our own TeleMedicine Technology equipment can view the patient with a high definition camera, administer a 12-lead ECG, read temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximeter and listen to a patient’s with a virtual stethoscope. Contact us today to find out how we can be your solution.

Proud TeleMedicine Partner of the National Rural Health Association 


How Does Our TeleMedicine Hospitalist Solution Work With Critical Access Hospitals?

  • Admissions Can Happen 24/7
  • Improved ED Throughput Times
  • Length of Stay Decreases
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Decrease Physician Burn Out
  • Cost Savings, No Up-Front Pricing Model

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How Our TeleMedicine Hospitalist Solution Works For Rural Healthcare Critical Access

If critical access hospitals require more than just nocturnal coverage, our TeleHospitalists can be accessible to your patients and staff 24/7/365.

Nocturnal coverage can be a hurdle for any hospital, especially critical access hospitals, and TeleHealth Solution meets the challenges of your hospital whatever they might be.

Rural and Critical Access Hospitals work remotely with TeleHospitalists to a support system for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinical staff.

An answer to your critical access hospitals staffing challenges can provide direct supervision of your in-house Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.

Rural Health Care TeleMedicine technology allows us to alleviate the burden of overwhelmed physicians with cross-coverage calls.

Rural Health Care TeleMedicine

Rural Health Care TeleMedicine: A Welcomed Addition in Rural Areas Nationwide.

By Cross examining Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) and Medically Underserved Areas and Populations (MUA/Ps) you can understand where Rural Health Care TeleMedicine and TeleHospitalists are providing care thats changing lives.

HSPA and MUA/PS Interactive Maps and Details

Rural Healthcare Burdens & How Critical Access TeleMedicine With TeleHealth Solution Helps.

Burden vs. Solution
Critical Access TeleMedicine

Our TeleMedicine Technology

Our TeleMedicine Device is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country.  Examine and consult with patients in the clinical setting or remotely with the FDA Approved IDM100. No other device on the market compares to its technologic advancements

  • The cyber-secure IDM100 captures, stores, and manages cardiopulmonary and vital signs data.
  • 3- & 12-lead ECG
  • Electronic stethoscope
  • Suntech™ NIBP with MAP and pulse rate
  • Covidien Genius 2™ Tympanic Thermometer
  • NellCor Oximax™ SpO2 with respiratory rate
  • Hearing test with interpreted audiogram
  • 2 internal HD cameras for medical images and video
  • Patient management using Care Central (patient data software with alerts, trending, EMR sync, and Virtual Exam Room)
  • Spirometry with interpretation for lung evaluation
Our Technology
Our TeleMedicine Technology is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country

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