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Our TeleMedicine Equipment Is State of the Art and Provided… Free.

Compact, Technologicaly Superior, And Life Saving:

Indicated for use by clinicians in clinical settings and for home use by patients, the IDM100 is an integrated medical tablet revolutionizing how patients and health care providers connect for clinical care anytime, anywhere. Patients and clinicians use the IDM100 to interact in person, or remotely, with Virtual Exam Room, our HIPAA-compliant, secure video conferencing feature. In addition, the IDM100 also stores and seamlessly synchronizes patient data to Electronic Medical Records. When a Virtual Exam is conducted with the IDM100, the clinician can remotely view the patient’s diagnostic data in real time with the clinical accuracy of an in office exam.

Our Unit Will Work Great With 3g Hotspots:

• Full Video Support with a 2mb upload speed.

• Tools that make it easy for our doctor be virtually bedside on your plane.

• All Tools are optimized for wireless networks security settings.

Our TeleMedicine Device: Diagnostic Accessories

3- and 12-Lead Diagnostic ECG

Oximax™ SpO2 with respiratory rate

Electronic stethoscope

Blood Pressure Cuff

Covidien Genius 2™ Tympanic Thermometer

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Our TeleMedicine Device: How Our Doctor Uses Each Instrument


With a simple touchscreen interface and fast operation, our ECG solution provides clinicians Virtual Exam Room capability, increases staff productivity, and connects clinicians with patients anytime, anywhere.

The portable IDM100 ECG solution can be used in the home as well as clinical environment while saving your facility time, improving workflows, and efficiently managing patient information.

  • Easy to use resting ECG 3 and 12 lead
  • Simplify work flows with intuitive UI for ECG configuration
  • Preview screen of all 12 leads for improved quality of ECG testing
  • Simple onscreen Pace Detection, and Rhythm lead selection
  • Zoom and Caliper features for diagnostic analysis
  • Onscreen clinician confirmation

  • Make diagnostic assessments directly from onscreen results without printing ECG reports. Reports can be viewed and saved as 4×3, 2×6, 1×12, and rhythm strips

  • Automatic cable configuration ensures safety compliance and ease of use

  • Integrated DFIB protection


Pulse oximetry is a technology used to measure the oxygen level in your blood and your heart rate. A finger pulse oximeter is equipped with technology to rapidly detect changes in your blood oxygen level. It can help give you the knowledge you need to take control of your condition. A finger pulse oximeter is easy to use – just clip it on your fingertip to get a blood oxygen reading.

BLOOD PRESSURE DIAGNOSTICS (With Easy Automatic Computerized Air Pump)


Monitoring blood pressure consistently and accurately in diverse and complex clinical environments is critical to managing hypertension and other chronic diseases. SunTech’s Advantage blood-pressure modules seamlessly interface with Dictum Health’s platform to establish a new telehealth model that supports clinical care anytime, anywhere. SunTech joins a select group of Dictum Health partners to create an integrated telehealth solution that is the next evolution in the continuum of care.

Stethoscope (live data of heart beat and lung breathing)

With easy to use diagrams for the care coordinator to follow. Our doctor can gather information regarding irregular heart rhythms to breathing issuss of the patients lungs.


Covidien’s Genius™ 2 thermometer uses its proprietary Peak Select System technology to determine the body’s accurate temperature directly from the
tympanic membrane. No touch probe cover application and ejection reduce potential cross contamination. The Genius™ 2 thermometer delivers an accurate temperature while saving staff time, minimizing infection control concerns and ultimately paving the way for better patient care.

Live Conferencing Cameras (3 Included perdevice)

3 cameras included with each device. One on the back and one on the front of the dictum device. A third camera is included it held in hand by the care giver working with the doctor on the other side. This exploratory camera is capable for Stroke test and more.

TeleMedicine For Skilled Nursing Facilities
Telemedicine For Rural Critical Access Facilities

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