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“Telehealth is making long term care better everyday. TeleHealth Solution keeps my residents home!!”

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TeleHealth Solution: How It Works

Step 1: How TeleMedicine Works

Patient In Need

Your on-sight nurse has a medical question or recognizes that there is a patient in need and calls TeleHealth Solution.


Step 1: How TeleMedicine Works

Instant access to a TeleHospitalist

Your nurse reaches one of our TeleHospitalists and discusses the patient’s clinical issues over the phone.

Step 1: How TeleMedicine Works

Virtual Evaluation

If the virtual Hospitalists determines an exam is necessary, your patient and nurse are connected to our physician, face to face, with the push of a button. Our remote TeleHospitalist can instruct your clinical staff- in real-time- through each step of a patient’s evaluation. We will evaluate the patients with a variety of diagnostic tools including, a virtual stethoscope, a high definition camera, a 12 lead EKG and more which is all included on our high tech TeleMedicine Carts.

Step 1: How TeleMedicine Works

Hospitalist Diagnosis

The TeleHospitalists is now able to make an informed diagnosis and medical care will begin in your skilled nursing facility.

Step 1: How TeleMedicine Works

EMR Documentation

TeleHealth Solution will document the encounter through our EMR integrated technology to ensure proper communication with staff, family, and your in-house medical providers.

Step 1: How TeleMedicine Works

Readmission Avoided

The patient remains comfortable in your facility and a hospital transfer was avoided. If further communication is needed for continued medical care, you will call TeleHealth Solution and speak to the same TeleHospitalists until your in-house medical providers are present.

Calculate Your Cost Savings From Lower Readmission Rates With TeleHealth Solution

Calculate The Cost Savings of Avoiding Readmissions.

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Reduce Readmissions

Readmissions are costly, put patients at risk for complications, and 80% of them are preventable.


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Post Acute Care

In the event a patient requires transfer to the ED, our TeleHospitalist will provide direct communication to the ER physician.

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Marketing Advantages

A Marketing Edge & Advantage! The peace of mind brought to families and patients by 24/7 physician access is priceless.

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End-of-Life Care

The hardest conversation to have with a patient or their family at Skilled Nursing Facilities are about end-of-life care.

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EMR Integration

TeleHospitalists can instantly review labs, enter orders, document, and managing the patient by accessing your EMR

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PAMA: Protecting Access To Medicare Act

Next Upcoming Change is October 1st, 2018: Medicare reimbursement rates for SNF will be based partially on their performance scores beginning on October 1, 2018

PAMA and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our TeleMedicine Technology

Our TeleMedicine Device is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country.  Examine and consult with patients in the clinical setting or remotely with the FDA Approved IDM100. No other device on the market compares to its technologic advancements

  • The cyber-secure IDM100 captures, stores, and manages cardiopulmonary and vital signs data.
  • 3- & 12-lead ECG
  • Electronic stethoscope
  • Suntech™ NIBP with MAP and pulse rate
  • Covidien Genius 2™ Tympanic Thermometer
  • NellCor Oximax™ SpO2 with respiratory rate
  • Hearing test with interpreted audiogram
  • 2 internal HD cameras for medical images and video
  • Patient management using Care Central (patient data software with alerts, trending, EMR sync, and Virtual Exam Room)
  • Spirometry with interpretation for lung evaluation
Our Technology
Our TeleMedicine Technology is Compact, Advanced and powered by one of the largest hospitalist networks in the country

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